23 July 2024
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2 theatrical plays for Global Citizens in Athens

As a member of the international community living in Greece, you have the opportunity to enjoy theater by attending productions performed in English this summer in Athens. Two must-see productions, “Venus in Fur” and “Six Women in Greek Tragedy,” promise to captivate and inspire audiences with their compelling narratives and skilled acting.

“Venus in Fur” by David Ives delves into the themes of desire, seduction, and power dynamics, offering a contemporary dark comedy that blurs the lines between reality and acting. The talented cast at the Theatre of the NO, led by Amaryllis Asimakopoulou and Dirk Sikorski, promises a captivating experience that will leave you both entertained and intellectually stimulated.

Dates: June 28-August 5 Location: Theater of the NO, Kon/nou Paleologou 3, Athens. Ticket price: 15€

For tickets and more info visit the Theater of the No.

For those interested in ancient Greek theatre, “Six Women in Greek Tragedy” brings to life the stories of iconic female figures —Medea, Electra, Antigone, Hecuba, Iphigenia & Alcestisfrom ancient Greek tragedies. Directed by Panos Angelopoulos, this multi-spectacle performance explores the themes of passion, resistance, and sacrifice, showcasing the emotional depth and resilience of these powerful heroines.

Complementing the theatrical experience is an interactive exhibition on the “Ancient Greek Mask in Comedy & Tragedy,” providing insight into the history and significance of theatrical masks in ancient Greek culture. This immersive experience offers a deeper understanding of the traditions that have shaped modern theatre.

Dates : June 22nd- August 31st. Location: University History Museum Garden, Tholou 5, Plaka, Athens. Ticket price: 27€

For tickets and more info visit public.gr.

Whether you are a theatre enthusiast or simply looking for a unique cultural experience, these two productions offer something truly special for the international community in Greece. So, grab your tickets and don’t miss the chance to enjoy a memorable evening of theatre in English this summer.

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