17 July 2024
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European Day of Music Celebration in Athens: An Evening of Greek Melodies and Musical Talent

The European Day of Music, established in 1982, is a celebration of music that takes place every year on June 21st across Europe. This day aims to promote the diversity of musical expressions and traditions, as well as to bring people together through the universal language of music.

In commemoration of this special day, the garden of the Presidential Mansion will be open to the public starting at 18:00 today, June 21st. The Children’s Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, in collaboration with the Children’s Youth Choir “Artworks”, will grace the stage at 19:00 with their enchanting performance titled “Greece Sings”.

Audience members can expect to be transported on a musical journey through the works of iconic Greek composers such as Manos Hadjidakis and Mikis Theodorakis, as well as timeless classical music pieces. Led by the talented conductor Nina Patrikidi and Choir director Maria Michalopoulou, this musical showcase promises to be a captivating and immersive experience for all attendees.

The artistic direction of the performance, including the staging and presentation, will be overseen by the esteemed Magda Mavrogianni. This event is not just a concert but a celebration of Greece’s rich musical heritage and a testament to the talent and passion of the young musicians and singers involved.

Featuring a diverse lineup of over 180 artists, musical groups, choirs, symphony, and philharmonic orchestras, the European Music Day continues to weave a rich variety of melodies and rhythms that resonate across Greece. From the lively singing and dancing on the picturesque pier of Chania to the pulsating beats of electronic music on the enchanting island of Paros, from the soul-stirring concerts in Xanthi to the harmonious polyphonic cantatas in Pyrgos, the celebration of music transcends boundaries and genres.

The European Music Day 2024 promises a vibrant fusion of musical genres in locations of cultural significance, bridging the traditional with the contemporary, the classical with the popular, and the local with the global. Whether it be the enchanting Mediterranean and Balkan melodies echoing through the medieval streets of Rhodes, the grandeur of classical performances at the Herodes Atticus Theatre and Megaro Gyzi in Santorini, or the lively gatherings at the Athens Concert Hall gardens and Sykia Beach featuring rebetika music, this musical extravaganza offers a unique platform for cultural exchange and artistic expression.

Participating cities in the European Music Day 2024 festivities include Athens, Aigialia, Agrinio, Alexandroupoli, Amaliada, Andritsaina, Ancient Olympia, Argostoli, Astakos, Chaeronea, Chania, Chios, Ioannina, Karystos, Kallithea (Attica), Kallithea (Ilia), Kato Samiko, Krestena, Krouni, Kythira, Megara, Naxos, Nea Figaleia, Xanthi, Paros, Patras, Pyrgos, Rhodes, Santorini, Sparti, Sykia (Corinth), Thessaloniki, Thespies, and Xanthi. Join us as we celebrate the universal language of music and the rich cultural heritage of Greece in a harmonious symphony of sounds and experiences.

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