14 July 2024
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Online Greek Lessons through music: A Joyful Language Learning Experience

My favorite way of increasing my vocabulary is by listening to and learning Greek songs. It doesn’t feel like studying; the words stick to my brain (yay!); and I learn about Greek history, culture and performers. Win win win. 

About a year after I started offering Greek language classes online I yearned for a song class to be part of the mix. Thankfully, the multi-talented musician and translator Maria Andreoulaki loved the idea as much as I did. She has now taught about twenty song classes over the past year and a half so our Greek Song Project library is growing and thriving. 

In addition to learning more about Greece, my appreciation of, understanding of, and love for Greek song increases every time. Each class is a joy.

May is leading us fast to the summer season in Greece! So we have chosen two celebratory songs for this month’s singing gathering: 

One is sung by a legendary female singer, Marinella, who has almost 70 years of artistic presence in Greek music. It is a pop party song of the late 70s, Σήμερα. Notice the fun orchestration!

The other song we will sing is traditional from Minor Asia, Σε καινούργια βάρκα μπήκα. Its first recording was in the mid 20s in the USA, by a female singer, Marika Papagika. We will also listen to a beautiful new version by two sisters, Ηλιάνα & Αναστασία Φεργαδιώτη.

We look forward to being with you on Tuesday 28th May (and the last Tuesday of every month) for Greek songs, stories, conversation and more!

Maria and Demetra 

PS Do you need to know how to read music? No! Do you need to know how to read Greek? No. Just an appetite for Greek song and language, and a wonderful community. 💙 


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