14 July 2024
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Full Moon Sleepover at Stavros Niarchos Park: A Night of Music, Cinema, Games, and Mysteries

On the Full Moon of the Deer, on 21/07, the Stavros Niarchos Park stays open overnight and welcomes everyone to experience a night different from the others, with lots of music, all-night screenings, group games, night walks with sea bicycles, and many more activities. The necessary requirement is the willingness to stay up all night.

Equip yourself with the essentials and don’t forget your sleeping bag.

All activities have free admission to the public thanks to the donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). We selected those that foreigners can easily follow without having to worry about the language barrier.

Photo credits: SNFCC

Cinema from dusk till dawn

On Sunday, July 21, at the Lighthouse of the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center, we welcome the Full Moon of the Red Deer with an unforgettable cinematic marathon that will last from dusk till dawn: one of the most beloved animated fairy tales, an unexpected (and Oscar-winning) love born under the enchanting light of the moon, a peaceful family staying awake when their home is haunted by demonic forces, a tough convict in a dystopian future New York who undertakes an all-night rescue mission in exchange for his freedom, and a youthful gang fighting for their lives in a thrilling midnight odyssey that culminates in the first light of the sun. On such an exciting night, is there anyone who would want to close their eyes?

Program coordination: Athens Open Air Film Festival

Silent Disco party

In the Mediterranean Garden of the SNFCC, a different party is set up with lots of music, no speakers, fluorescent makeup, and many wireless headphones! DJs mix live different genres of music, and the audience can choose what to listen to on their headphones with the push of a button. An original way of expression where everyone together (and alone) dance and have fun in an outdoor club where – when the headphones are off – absolute silence prevails.

Sea Bicycles

Enjoy an idyllic ride, under the moonlight, at one of the most characteristic points of the SNFCC: the Canal.

Morning Lesson Hatha Yoga & Meditation in the Sun

In the Southern Paths of the Stavros Niarchos Park, the body connects with the mind through Hatha Yoga lessons. At dawn, we experience the vital effects of light through meditation exercises.

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