17 July 2024
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Four new arrivals in Glyfada for food and drinks

Exciting news for all you foodies out there – Glyfada’s culinary scene keeps getting better with new restaurants, cafes, and bars popping up all the time, giving us more options for our outings. This month, we’ve got our eyes on four new arrivals in Glyfada that have piqued our interest.

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First up, over at 2nd Marina, right next to the local fishermen’s hangout, we’ve got  Astakos (Diadochou Pavlou 46, 2nd Marina), the new seafood hotspot in town helmed by chef Angelos Bakopoulos. It’s a chic yet laid-back outdoor space with a boho vibe and retro touches reminiscent of seaside tavernas from decades past. You’ll be greeted with a trolley stocked with tsipouro from all over Greece, followed by a platter loaded with irresistible starters. Next, dive into mains like shrimp moussaka, seafood pasta, tuna with sour trahana, or octopus stifado. The fish soup is already winning hearts, along with the hammerhead skate à la polita, serving up the magic of the sea on a plate.

Right in the heart of Glyfada, we have Vélo (17 Doumani St.), which opened its doors just this February, aiming to become your new favorite all-day hangout in the area. At Vélo, your day kicks off with brunch, featuring a menu boasting fluffy omelets, sweet and savory pancakes, and a delightful caramelized tsoureki filled with vanilla-infused cream, savory caramel, and hazelnuts. From 13:00 onwards, it’s time for the main course, with Chef Stathis Amaxopoulos serving up creatively crafted dishes with Mediterranean flavors. The menu is complemented by a carefully curated selection of wine and beer.

Do you want to know the other two? Well, click here https://www.noupou.gr/en/food-drink/tesseris-nees-afixeis-sti-glifada-gia-fagito-kai-poto/

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