17 July 2024
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The Lyceum Project: AI Ethics with Aristotle

The Lyceum Project conference on AI ethics in Athens is poised to be a significant event that not only captures the attention of those directly involved in the field but also resonates with the broader international community. As discussions surrounding artificial intelligence and ethics become increasingly prominent on the global stage, this conference provides a unique platform for experts, practitioners, and scholars to convene and delve into the ethical considerations that underpin AI development and deployment.

The implications of artificial intelligence extend far beyond national borders, impacting various aspects of society, economy, and governance worldwide. The insights and discussions that will emerge from the Lyceum Project conference are expected to contribute to the ongoing international dialogue on AI ethics, offering valuable perspectives and recommendations that are relevant across diverse cultural and geopolitical contexts.

The collaborative nature of the conference, bringing together institutions such as the Institute for Ethics in AI, Stanford University, and Greece’s National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos,” underscores the global reach and significance of the discussions that will unfold in Athens. By fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and engaging experts from philosophy, technology, law, and public policy, the conference aims to address the multifaceted ethical challenges posed by AI in a manner that resonates with audiences worldwide.

The participation of esteemed speakers and panelists from diverse backgrounds ensures that the discussions will be comprehensive, nuanced, and relevant to a broad international audience. With the Greek Prime Minister, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, delivering a welcoming address at the conference, the event is further elevated in its global importance, signaling a commitment to advancing ethical AI practices on an international scale.

As advancements in AI technology continue to shape societies around the world, the outcomes of the Lyceum Project conference are expected to offer valuable insights and recommendations that can inform ethical AI development and governance on a global level. The conference’s focus on fostering collaboration and dialogue across borders makes it a compelling event for the international community to follow and engage with, underscoring its potential impact on shaping the ethical landscape of artificial intelligence on a global scale.

This event which will take place in the Athens Conservatory, is free to attend and is open to all interested parties. Registration required.

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