24 July 2024
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Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou – A nutrition changemaker

Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou is the founder of DNANUTRICOACH® in Barcelona and Athens.

She is bridging the gap between the science of nutrigenetics and our next meal. She helps peoplelive not only longer, but better through precise and personalized nutritional guidance. 

She has developed the Food Coaching methodology to empower individuals to improve their eating patterns and manage their genetic predisposition.

Dr. Konstantinidou is a nutrigenetics researcher, a registered dietitian-nutritionist and a professor of Catalonian UOC University (Barcelona).

She works with individuals and teams, in English, Spanish and Greek languages through online workshops, sessions and seminars or offline in her center in Glyfada, Attiki.

You can follow her on LinkedinInstagram , listen to her podcast on Spotify or Facebook

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