13 June 2024

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Education, Kids

5 tips for a happy classroom

Communication & praise Communication is key and needs to be established.

Kids, What's on

Indulge in a Sweet Adventure at the

Greece is a country full of rich history, stunning landscapes, and.

Food and Drinks, Kids, Lifestyle

Restaurants and cafes in the southern suburbs

We have compiled a list of our favorite kids and family-friendly.



International School of Piraeus: The Valsamidou family continues a 100-year

Author : Pamela Lytra photos: Ioanna Morphinou Source: Noupou.GR We visited the renowned International School.

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Meet Angelika Lessy, a Digital Nomad who has chosen to

Greece’s inviting climate, delectable cuisine, and welcoming locals make it an appealing destination for those.

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Interviews, Lifestyle, Xpat Services

Unleashing Creativity and Transforming Lives: Exploring the Stanislavski Method with

Throughout the illustrious history of acting, spanning from the days of classical theater with its.

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Culture, Interviews

In Conversation with Winnie Liu: Unveiling the Cultural Mosaic of

In the captivating realm of the Sino-Hellenic International Theatre Festival 2023-2024, set to unfold at.

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Interviews, Xpat Services

Ana Kosta: on Trauma, Love Relationships and Women Healing

I am pleased to introduce Ana Kosta, a trauma-informed and somatic VITA™ certified Sex, Love.

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