16 July 2024

Katerina Liaki


Born in Athens in 1990, Katerina Liaki’s journey is an enchanting blend of classical piano and architectural pursuits. At the age of 10, she embarked on classical piano lessons, laying the groundwork for her musical exploration. In 2008, simultaneously pursuing studies at the National Technical University of Athens (Department of Architecture), she enrolled in piano lessons for a year with Angelos Tsourelis at the George Fakanas Music School. This marked the beginning of her involvement in various musical formations.

Her collaborative journey includes partnerships with musical ensembles and artists and two personal EPs with the Uncut Project in collaboration with Anna Stefanou. Katerina is also a valued member of the bands Greasy Astronuts and Lab of Rawk.

Since 2016, she has shared her passion as a piano instructor at Lab Music Education. In her world, musical notes intertwine with architectural blueprints, creating a symphony of wonders that resonate not only in Athens but beyond. Join Katerina on her journey as she navigates the keys of both music and design, infusing harmony into every chord and structure she encounters.