17 July 2024

Voula Angelopoulos


Voula’s academic achievements include an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Psychology, complemented by a postgraduate degree in International Relations. Although she occasionally does wonder if her presence in class was merely an astral projection, given her propensity for daydreaming. Nevertheless, her vast life experiences have undoubtedly served as an unconventional but equally valuable education.
After more than half a century of aimlessly roaming this cosmic maze where she dabbled in the field of education, she has decided to follow her heart and do what she loves and that is to create a diverse array of books and articles, appealing to both adults who refuse to grow up and to kids who can’t wait to.
She currently lives with her daughter, whilst her son has wisely chosen to live elsewhere. And she loves chocolate, especially the minty kind. So much so, that she’d rather receive payment in high-quality Swiss milk chocolate in lieu of Swiss francs or Belgium pralines instead of Euros. There will, of course, be health and bill-paying issues to worry about, but as long as there is chocolate, there is hope. Chocolate and books.