17 July 2024
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Celebrating Artistry and Movement: 14th Dance Days Chania festival, July 20th – July 31st

The Dance Days Chania festival takes place annually in Chania, Crete, a city renowned for its picturesque Venetian harbor, historic architecture, and Mediterranean

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The Significance of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH): Greece’s 4 New Additions to its ICH

As an expat residing in Greece, you have most probably immersed yourself in the country’s rich cultural heritage by exploring its historical sites

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Unleashing Creativity and Transforming Lives: Exploring the Stanislavski Method with George Kastrounis

Throughout the illustrious history of acting, spanning from the days of classical theater with its stringent rules to the dynamic landscape of the

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In Conversation with Winnie Liu: Unveiling the Cultural Mosaic of ‘The Myth of the White Snake • REMIX’

In the captivating realm of the Sino-Hellenic International Theatre Festival 2023-2024, set to unfold at the Christmas Theater on December 2nd and 3rd,

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From Athens to New York and Back—Turning Challenges into Digital Triumphs

Few narratives captivate the imagination quite like those of expatriation and repatriation. Antoniοs Liamis’sjourney resonates deeply with expatriates worldwide, offering insights into the challenges

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Discovered and Strongly Recommended: CultureXchange Podcast, Insights from the Debut Episode on Expat Trailing Partner Reinvention

In the vast expanse of podcasting, where stories from every corner of the world find their voice, emerges a beacon of intercultural dialogue:

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