14 July 2024
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A May full of contemporary art in Athens

May in Athens is set to be an exciting month for art enthusiasts, with a variety of exhibitions showcasing the work of both established and emerging artists. From the third part of the EMST’s tribute to female artists to solo shows by Jonathan Meese at Bernier/Eliades, Thanasis Totsikas at Rodeo, Ioanna Limniou at The Breeder, and more, the city’s galleries and art spaces are presenting a diverse range of contemporary art this May.

The EMST’s ongoing thematic cycle, “What if women ruled the world?” continues with Part 3, exploring the hypothetical question of how the world would be different if governance had more feminine characteristics. This thought-provoking exhibition raises questions about violence, justice, human rights, economic policies, and environmental concerns, inviting viewers to consider alternative perspectives on power and leadership.

Other highlights include a retrospective exhibition by South African artist Penny Siopis titled “For dear life” and works by Mary Reid Kelley & Patrick Kelley in an exhibition titled “The rape of Europa.” These exhibitions offer unique insights into the artists’ perspectives on history, mythology, and contemporary issues.

Meanwhile, artists like Alex Mylonas, Moro, and Totsikas are showcasing their latest works at various galleries across the city, offering viewers a chance to engage with diverse artistic practices and themes. From sculptural installations to vibrant paintings, these exhibitions promise to captivate audiences and spark conversations about art and society.

In addition, emerging artists are making their mark on the art scene with exhibitions like “YOUTHS,” which features the work of ten young artists exploring themes of youth identity in a rapidly changing world. Through a variety of mediums and styles, these artists offer fresh perspectives on contemporary issues and invite viewers to reflect on the complexities of modern life.

Overall, May in Athens promises to be a vibrant and thought-provoking month for art lovers, with a diverse range of exhibitions and events showcasing the rich artistic talent of the city and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious newcomer, there’s something for everyone to discover and enjoy in the dynamic art scene of Athens this May.

Here is a list of some of the key contemporary art exhibitions happening in Athens in May:

1.  EMST - National Museum of Contemporary Art: “What if women ruled the world? Part 3” - A thematic cycle exploring the impact of feminine governance on various aspects of society.
2.  Bernier/Eliades Gallery: Solo exhibition by Jonathan Meese - Showcasing the latest works by the renowned artist.
3.  Rodeo Gallery: Solo exhibition by Thanasis Totsikas - Featuring the works of the talented artist.
4.  The Breeder Gallery: Solo exhibition by Ioanna Limniou - Presenting the latest creations of the emerging artist.
5.  Penny Siopis at EMST: “For dear life” - A retrospective exhibition by the South African artist.
6.  Mary Reid Kelley & Patrick Kelley at EMST: “The rape of Europa” - An exhibition exploring historical and mythological themes.
7.  Various Galleries: Alex Mylonas, Moro, and Totsikas - Exhibitions showcasing the diverse works of these artists across different galleries in Athens.
8.  “YOUTHS” Exhibition: Featuring the work of ten young artists exploring themes of youth identity in a changing world.

These exhibitions offer a wide range of artistic perspectives and styles, providing a rich and engaging experience for art enthusiasts in Athens during the month of May.

Source: LIFO

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