17 July 2024

Athens Unveils Ambitious Underground Infrastructure Projects to Transform Cityscape

The bustling capital of Greece, Athens, is undergoing a rapid transformation with the introduction of innovative underground infrastructure projects that promise to revolutionize the city’s landscape. As the city grapples with increasing traffic congestion, authorities have embarked on a series of ambitious initiatives aimed at enhancing transportation efficiency and improving the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

One of the most significant projects currently underway is the undergrounding of a section of Poseidonos Avenue, a major thoroughfare stretching from Alimos beach to Agios Kosmas Marina. This project, part of a larger investment in the Hellinikon area, aims to alleviate traffic congestion by eliminating traffic lights and increasing the speed limit to 70 km/h. With construction already well underway, the underground section of Poseidonos Avenue is expected to be completed by 2025.

Another noteworthy project on the horizon is the Helioupoleos Tunnel, an extension of the Regional Highway Ymittos towards Hellinikon. This tunnel, combined with the elevation of Vouliagmenis Avenue, is set to further enhance traffic flow and connectivity within the city. With Lamda Development leading the way in conducting studies for this project, the international community eagerly anticipates the positive impact these infrastructure developments will have on the city.

As Athens continues to evolve and modernize, these underground infrastructure projects represent a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient urban environment. The international community watches with keen interest as the capital of Greece embraces change and sets a new standard for urban development.


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