24 July 2024
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Discovering Greek Rosé Wines: A Refreshing Introduction for Newcomers to Greece

For people who have just arrived in Greece and know nothing about Greek wines, trying Greek rosé wines is a great way to immerse themselves in the local wine culture. Greek rosé wines offer a unique and diverse taste experience, showcasing the flavors of the country’s indigenous grape varieties. These wines are perfect for newcomers to Greece to enjoy during the warm weather, providing a refreshing and authentic introduction to the Greek wine scene. By exploring Greek rosé wines, newcomers can discover the rich wine traditions of Greece and support local winemakers while enjoying delicious and high-quality wines.

Meropi Papadopoulou, a seasoned wine enthusiast with a deep-rooted passion for Greek wines, suggests the five best Greek rosé wines for a perfect summer indulgence. Drawing from her extensive experience and knowledge gained over 25 years of exploring the world of wines, Meropi’s recommendations reflect her appreciation for the diverse flavors and unique characteristics of Greek rosé wines. With a keen eye for quality and a love for the artistry of winemaking, Meropi’s selections promise a delightful and authentic taste of Greece’s vibrant wine culture, making them the ideal companions for a memorable summer experience.

1.  PEPLO ROSÉ Domain Skoura: A blend of Syrah, Agiorgitiko, and Mavrofilero, offering a harmonious combination of flavors and winemaking techniques.
2.  ACQUARELLA ROSÉ Novus Winery Leonidas Nasiakos: A refreshing blend of Syrah, Assyrtiko, and Moschofilero from high-altitude vineyards in the Peloponnese.
3.  APLA ROSÉ Oenops Wines Nikos Karatzas: Featuring Limniona, Mavroudi, and Xinomavro, this rosé promises a gastronomic experience with a touch of Greek character.
4.  AMUSE ROSÉ Mousson Estate: A sophisticated blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Mouchtaro, offering elegance and lightness in every sip.
5.  EUPHORIA ROSÉ Markou Vineyards: A dynamic blend of Syrah, Agiorgitiko, and Assyrtiko, showcasing the best of Greek rosé wines with a burst of fruity flavors.


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