14 July 2024
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How Mediterranean is your habitual diet?

Our adherence to the traditional Mediterranean diet significantly influences our health status and serves as a preventive measure against complex diet-related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and type II diabetes. The traditional Mediterranean diet is associated with improved longevity and well-being because it positively affects numerous biological pathways in our body, including gene expression

The Mediterranean diet is more than a diet: it is a lifestyle. A sustainable lifestyle that promotes sustainable consumption, of local and seasonal products and it is mainly plant-based. Also, the Mediterranean diet is the only dietary pattern that meets all criteria of a sustainable diet such as locality, seasonality, sociality and plant-based consumption.

Despite its health and planetary benefits, the Mediterranean diet has been abandoned by the Mediterranean countries vs Northerner European countries that have recently presented greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet following the latest scientific guidelines. As a consequence, in countries such as Spain and Greece, we observe increased numbers of obesity in adults and adolescents and dietary patterns that have nothing to do with the traditional Mediterranean diet.

Knowing your Mediterranean diet score can guide you through the necessary improvements to prevent complex and non-communicable diseases in the future. Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou, a renowned, Greek researcher and registered dietitian-nutritionist helps you identify the steps needed to achieve high adherence to the traditional Mediterranean diet. She applies validated questionnaires and performs a detailed evaluation of your eating and nutritional habits that will reveal your personalized improvement roadmap.

What does science say about your current lifestyle?

Which are your top priorities for change?

What doable improvements can you perform today?

These are some of the questions you will get the answers to after the complete evaluation of  your eating habits and lifestyle. Take advantage of this opportunity and book today your appointment for a Mediterranean and wellness health assessment (online or offline).

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