16 July 2024
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Megaron Garden: A day full of music

Nestled in the heart of Athens lies a hidden gem known as the Megaron Athens Garden. This enchanting venue is not only a beautiful garden oasis in the bustling city, but also a hub for cultural events that showcase the best of music and dance.

One such event that promises to dazzle audiences is a performance by the Athens State Orchestra, on June 21st at 20:00. In a programme featuring works by legendary composers such as Bernstein, Bizet, Strauss, and Grothe, the orchestra will transport listeners on a musical journey like no other. From the soaring melodies of Bernstein to the lively rhythms of Bizet, this concert is sure to be a treat for the ears.

But the musical magic doesn’t stop there. The Domna Samiou Traditional Music Group will also be gracing the stage in a special tribute to the Summer Solstice. Known for their captivating performances of traditional Greek music, the group will serenade the audience with songs that celebrate the longest day of the year. With their haunting melodies and soul-stirring vocals, the Domna Samiou Traditional Music Group is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

And if that wasn’t enough, Babo Koro, an explosive musical group, will be closing out the evening with a dance concert that is not to be missed. Combining elements of traditional Greek music with modern beats, Babo Koro is known for their high-energy performances that get audiences on their feet and dancing the night away. With their infectious rhythms and electrifying stage presence, Babo Koro is sure to bring the house down with their unforgettable performance.

So if you’re looking for a night of music, dance, and cultural enrichment, look no further than the Megaron Athens Garden. With a lineup that includes the Athens State Orchestra, the Domna Samiou Traditional Music Group, and Babo Koro, this is one event that is not to be missed. Come and experience the magic of the Megaron Athens Garden for yourself and immerse yourself in a night of unforgettable performances.

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