14 July 2024

3 Educational and Entertaining Activities for Children in the Southern Suburbs

Discover three exciting activities for family outings in the southern suburbs that will thrill all children. Museums with thousands of exhibits, fascinating space and galaxy shows, workshops and missions, floating visits, and interaction with animals: We have selected five educational yet fun activities for children, for an ideal family outing while schools remain closed.

Toys Museum

It is perhaps one of the first things that come to mind when we think of museums for children – if not the first. Located in Palaio Faliro, on the coastal Poseidonos Avenue, with its imposing tower resembling something out of a fairy tale. This is the mansion of benefactor and shipowner Athanasios Koulouras, which his wife, Vera Kouloura, donated to the Benaki Museum according to his wishes after his death. Thus, the Toy Museum was created, opening its doors in 2017. At its core is the collection of toys by researcher, collector, and toy curator Maria Argyriadi, including dolls, board games, old makeshift boats, marionettes, theatrical dolls, and even the wooden horse that Eleftherios Venizelos gave to his beloved grandson, Lefterakis. It is enough to say that the collection exceeds 20,000 exhibits and is considered one of the top 10 toy collections in Europe.

Benaki Museum of Toys: Poseidonos Avenue 14 & Tritonis 1, Palaio Faliro, tel. 2126875280, http://www.benaki.org

Maritime Tradition Park

Another family outing in the south can be at the Maritime Tradition Park in Floisvos, the creation of which may still be in progress, but during this time, you can see iconic ships up close, some of which are even visitable. You will first encounter the armored cruiser Averof with its significant history, which is visitable and operates as a museum, as well as the cable-laying ship “Thalis the Milesian,” hosted at the Hellenic Navy base in Floisvos (here you will be limited to an external observation as it is not yet visitable inside).

The trireme Olympias is also currently at the Maritime Tradition Park as a sightseeing attraction, although it is not visitable inside. Note, however, that in the summer of 2024, as every year, the sailings of the ancient trireme will take place, where visitors can, after signing up, experience the unique rowing experience from the position of a rower in the waters of the Saronic Gulf. Finally, within the Floisvos Marina, the Floating Mermaid Museum is also moored, open for free visits.

For more information on the history of the ships and visiting hours, click here https://www.neraida.org/el/draseis/ekpaideytiko-programma

Tactual Museum

The Tactual Museum of the Lighthouse for the Blind in Greece is on the list of the top five museums of its kind worldwide, which is impressive on its own. This particular museum, however, is an exceptionally original experiential activity, where children wear masks to cover their eyes and feel exhibits that are replicas of other great museums in the country. At the same time, they understand how a person with visual impairments lives and moves in their daily life. And so, the journey of discovery begins!

Tactual Museum: Doiranis 198 Kallithea, tel. 2109415222, https://tactualmuseum.gr/

You can read more here https://www.noupou.gr/en/newsroom-2/five-educational-and-fun-activities-for-kids-in-the-southern-suburbs/

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