17 July 2024
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Restaurants and cafes in the southern suburbs for families with children

We have compiled a list of our favorite kids and family-friendly restaurants and cafes in the south, where a family with children is guaranteed to have a great time.

The southern suburbs are a paradise for both young and old. Beaches, sea, playgrounds, and parks are literally a child’s joy. However, when it comes to going out as a family to a restaurant or cafe, it is natural for your children to complain and protest. We have compiled a list of all the establishments in the south that we consider ideal for a family outing with children. Restaurants, cafes, and places for ice cream and sweets, where your children will have space to play, run, and have fun, while you enjoy relaxed moments with coffee and food.

Bufala Gelato- Vouliagmeni

Is there a child who doesn’t love ice cream? Probably not. Bufala Gelato is one of the top destinations for good ice cream and delicious brunch – as we recently found out – in the south, especially the store in Vouliagmeni, with its comfortable outdoor space and sea view. A relaxing setting, surrounded by greenery, with a large comfortable space and ideal for sunny days, which is the perfect excuse for a family outing.

Bella Vespa- Glyfada

Bella Vespa, the comfort food and bar restaurant of the southern suburbs, has become a favorite not only for its authentic Italian pizza but also because it creatively engages your child in a beautiful and fully equipped play area while you enjoy your food or drink. In a completely safe environment full of toys that will stimulate their imagination, you can relax, knowing that your child is having a great time nearby.

Municipal Recreation Center, Ilioupolis Park

In the Recreation Center, located within the Helioupolis Park, you will find tables (grab a seat at the front) that offer the best view to sit and gaze at for hours. It is also nice next to the small lake with the bridge, which offers a more picturesque scene. It is self-service, so you can get your coffee, soft drink, or snack directly from the kiosk. Inside the park, there is a playground, which has been renovated relatively recently and is perfect for young children, but even for older children, there is plenty of green space to play freely.

Bibo, Glyfada

The large wooden playground in Hariton Square in Glyfada has been one of the most beloved places in the south for many years. When it became known that a new all-day cafe had opened there, parents found another reason to visit with their children. The reason is Bibo, where you can sit at the tables and enjoy your coffee, snack, or brunch while the kids go crazy playing and thus, everyone is happy.

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