23 July 2024

Uncover the Cycladic Beauty of Kritikos Beach Near Athens

Just a short drive away from Athens on Leof. Athinon Souniou 116, Ag. Dimitrios, you can find the beach of Kritikos which will offer you amazing swims in a breathtaking setting!

Kritikos beach is an oasis in Attica and it is a common secret that whoever visits it is mesmerized by its marine wealth and exotic environment. Crystal clear, turquoise waters, a tropical atmosphere, are some of the elements that make it stand out among the beaches.

The exciting exotic landscape of wild natural beauty combined with the remote beach will give you incredible dives and will relax your body and spirit. The view is stunning and the water is as clear as crystal.

The beach is not organized, nor large in size, and does not easily catch waves. Access to the beach is easy and it is most likely that you will stay until sunset to enjoy the spectacular view.

If you want to escape the clichés and enjoy a different experience without going too far, Kretikos beach on the way to Sounio is the ideal destination.

One of its advantages is that it is protected from the winds! Visit it and feel a holiday illusion, for those of you who are still spending the summer in the city!

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