17 July 2024
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Athens Medical Group Joins Forces with Imperial College Healthcare

As an expat or international resident living in Greece, staying informed about advancements in healthcare is crucial. The recent collaboration between Athens Medical Group and Imperial College Healthcare is set to transform the medical landscape in Greece, offering international standards of care right at your doorstep.

Athens Medical Group, a renowned healthcare provider in Greece and Southeastern Europe, has joined forces with Imperial College Healthcare’s International Affiliate Network, marking a significant milestone as the first Affiliated Hospital Group in Europe. This partnership aims to promote high-quality healthcare practices, share expertise, and enhance patient care, ensuring that residents in Greece receive world-class medical services.

With a total capacity of 1,200 hospital beds and over 3,200 expert staff, Athens Medical Group has been dedicated to promoting medical excellence for over 40 years. The affiliation with Imperial College Healthcare will further elevate their growth ambitions, including the establishment of a state-of-the-art oncology medical center in Thessaloniki, Greece, providing cutting-edge treatments and care to patients.

Through this partnership, Athens Medical Group will gain access to advanced training platforms, expert consultations, and knowledge exchange opportunities with Imperial College Healthcare. This collaboration will not only enhance medical expertise but also improve patient outcomes, particularly in the field of oncology.

For the international community residing in Greece, this partnership signifies a significant step towards receiving top-tier healthcare services that align with global standards. The affiliation agreement, facilitated by key leaders from both institutions, underscores the commitment to promoting high-quality and safe healthcare practices, benefiting residents and expats alike.

As funds generated from the affiliate program are reinvested back into supporting NHS and private healthcare, residents in Greece can expect to witness a positive impact on the local healthcare system. The partnership between Athens Medical Group and Imperial College Healthcare sets a new benchmark for healthcare collaboration in Greece, bringing world-class expertise and services to the international community.

Stay updated on the latest developments in healthcare as Athens Medical Group and Imperial College Healthcare work together to revolutionize medical care in Greece, ensuring that residents and expats receive the best possible treatment and services.

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