24 July 2024

I always had a weakness for these cute animals. Unlike the horses which are aristocratic and impressive by nature , donkeys have a sweetness and calmness that can make them the best companions. They originate from Asia and Africa but they were brought in Greece in 1200 BC so this why they are so strongly associated to the greek culture.Some consider donkeys as the symbolic animal of Greece but the truth is that they have been mistreated for many years. When my husband told me about this shelter in Koropi  that is practically the home of 20 amazing donkeys, I felt that finally people have started realizing that these beautiful animals deserve more attention and love.

Donkeysland is the place is a heaven on earth for these kind creatures who are extremely intelligent and witty.

Each of them have a name and the oldest is 40 years old while the youngest, Orestes is still a baby and wants to play ways with his green ball. We had a chance to caress them, feed them and brush their hair.


When they like you they show it by pushing you with their head which means that they want more cuddles and affection. They love to steal things from our bags and have a weakness for stones because they are salty and they like to leak them all the time. This shelter has also space for families and friends  to bring their food and have a nice picnic and you can also arrange your kids’ birthday party there. The ticket covers the cost of their living while the shop with the amazing accessories is a great opportunity for us to support the volunteers’ project and make sure that these donkeys will have a great life.


They love to be in company so you usually find them in pairs grooming one another, eating together of softly scratching each others necks. They are so affectionate that it impossible not to fall in love them. Did you know that you can actually adopt one of these donkeys? This doesn’t mean that you can take it home, unless you have a farm or the space to host it but yo can pay for the donkey’s annual expenses an amount of approximately 100 euros and visit your friend often. They say that they are so emotionally attached to the volunteers that every time they hear them coming they start bray.

After we visited and became friends with all the lovely donkeys, we headed to the shop to buy some magnets and support the shelter’s initiatives. There we met  Mustard, the cat who managed to attract more clients  only by sitting next to the POS modeling with pride for her achievements as a the treasurer of Donkeysland.