17 July 2024
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Exploring the Future of Human Thought: The 2024 Philosophy Festival Unveils the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

The 2024 Philosophy Festival, hosted by Philosophie magazine and the French Institute, is set to captivate audiences from May 31 to June 1 within the serene gardens of the French School of Athens (6 Didotou). This eagerly anticipated event will bring together a diverse array of minds, including scientists, philosophers, and artists, to explore the profound theme of “Artificial Intelligence: What is the Future of Human Thought?”

Attendees can expect a stimulating series of discussions and presentations that delve into the far-reaching implications of AI on various aspects of our lives. From ethical considerations to societal impacts, this festival promises to offer valuable insights and provoke contemplation on the evolving relationship between technology and humanity.

Admission to this enlightening event is free, welcoming all who are curious to expand their understanding of this rapidly advancing field. For further details and to stay updated on the festival program, visit ifg.gr and mark your calendars for a thought-provoking exploration of the future of human thought at the 2024 Philosophy Festival.

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