23 July 2024
Xpat Tips

Digital Nomad Insights: Navigating Global Careers with Kamylle Mourao at Deel

Embark on a journey of career exploration and international opportunities with Kamylle Mourao, the global mobility lead at Deel, whose dynamic career has spanned continents and cultures. The insightful article featuring Kamylle Mourao’s global career journey and valuable advice for job-seekers exploring opportunities abroad was recently published on CNBC. Kamylle’s experiences shed light on the increasing trend of U.S. job-seekers seeking fulfilling roles abroad. At Deel, she plays a pivotal role in expanding the company’s operations across 43 countries, catering to the needs of a global workforce on the move.

Mourao’s journey resonates with many U.S. job-seekers who are increasingly exploring opportunities abroad, with a 62% growth in American workers hired by international companies last year. Countries like Portugal, Spain, and the U.K. are becoming popular destinations for expats seeking a fulfilling personal, financial, and professional life overseas.

For those considering a career move abroad, Mourao and Masha Sutherlin, Deel’s head of immigration, offer valuable advice. They emphasize the importance of understanding your company’s relocation policies and exploring existing opportunities for international assignments or transfers. If such programs are not available, employees can proactively create opportunities by showcasing the benefits of working in new markets and proposing innovative solutions to their employers.

Building connections with colleagues who have experience working abroad can provide valuable insights and networking opportunities. Sutherlin encourages individuals to approach these conversations with curiosity and initiative, as genuine connections can lead to unexpected job prospects.

When pitching a move abroad, highlighting previous international experience and demonstrating an open-minded attitude towards different cultures are key factors in securing opportunities. Employers look for candidates who are enthusiastic about embracing new challenges and bringing diverse perspectives to the table.

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