23 July 2024
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In foreign ownership, one of the most luxurious homes in Elliniko

The process of purchasing the 20 luxury homes being developed by Orilina in Elliniko under the architectural design of Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has already commenced.

The astronomical price for the first residence and the unique distinction of the first owner being from the international space have sparked significant interest.

The allure of the homes in Elliniko has captured the attention of both domestic and foreign investors, with most properties offered by Lamda Development already being sold out. The focus now shifts to the Marina Residences, a new Athenian Landmark complex undertaken by Orilina Properties in Elliniko, bearing the signature of renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

This residential development, launched later than others in Elliniko, is now seeing the first signatures for the initial 20 homes intended for buyers. Priced at 6.8 million euros, these homes offer a privileged location overlooking the Athenian Riviera and boast luxurious amenities.

Situated next to the Agios Kosmas marina, the “Marina Residences” will feature seaside homes developed on approximately 22,000 sqm with stunning views of the Saronic Gulf. These residences will include private pools, gardens, underground parking spaces, and storage rooms, all LEED certified. 

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