17 July 2024

SNFCC Garden: Among the top 10 in Europe according to the Guardian

One of the 10 most beautiful gardens in Europe is located in the South and is situated in the Stavros Niarchos Park in Kallithea.

The British newspaper Guardian published a list of the 10 most beautiful gardens in Europe that someone must visit. High on the list is the garden of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Kallithea.

The planting of Stavros Niarchos Park began 10 years ago and led to the creation of the largest public Mediterranean garden in the world. With more than 170 endemic species of trees and shrubs, and areas filled with the intoxicating herbs of the Aegean, it is a gem for the Southern Suburbs, but also for all of Athens. It often hosts activities and tours for visitors to enjoy the unique colors and scents, as well as to introduce the world to Mediterranean vegetation.

The SNFCC was designed by the internationally renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, and is home to the national library, the national opera house, recreational areas, and award-winning dining spaces.

Read the rest of the article here https://www.noupou.gr/en/newsroom-2/snfcc-garden-among-the-top-10-in-europe-according-to-the-guardian/

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