17 July 2024

M&M Morshedy: The Egyptian Entrepreneurs who “fell in love” with Greece and the Domestic Real Estate Market.

The “family business” from Egypt that has made its arrival on the Athenian Riviera – In which residential projects in the southern suburbs does the real estate development company Morshedy, which is behind the largest residential building in the world, put its stamp on.

With colossal projects in their arsenal, such as the impressive building named “Skyline,” the largest residential building in the world, which even became a Guinness World Record contender, the real estate development company Morshedy, of Egyptian origin, places the Athenian Riviera at the center of its activities, with several of the projects it is running already under construction in various areas of the southern suburbs.

From Egypt to the Athenian Riviera – Who is Morshedy

The company bears the name of its founder and inspiration, Mohamed Morshedy, who founded Memaar Al Morshedy in 1983 with a clear business strategy to penetrate the real estate development sector. He created a strong team of architects and engineers from around the world, which later became known as Degla for Real Estate Developments, a key pillar of Memaar Al Morshedy.

Currently, the company boasts a client base of over 85,000 individuals and is responsible for the development of more than 20 mega projects worldwide. Its portfolio mainly consists of residential buildings in Egypt. To understand the scale of the company, which is now focusing on the southern region, one only needs to take a closer look at the numbers it gathers. For example, it delivers 4,500 building units annually and has over 1,100 apartment buildings in its portfolio. Furthermore, it has left its mark on 25 commercial malls, 11 schools, 18 daycare centers, and, finally, 2 hospitals.

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