17 July 2024
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Unveiling the Journey of an American Stylist in Athens : Promoting Greek Fashion and Celebrating Unique Beauty

A few weeks ago, during the Wedding Expo at Zappeion, my partner and I had the immense pleasure of getting to know an American stylist who has not only made Athens his home but is also determined to promote Greek fashion in the consciousness of consumers, in other words a true Athenian, Andreu Honeycutt.

With a passion for bringing out the unique beauty of each client through the perfect outfit and accessories, his love for Greece was ignited by the captivating mythology he first encountered in school. Alongside his styling endeavors, he has also created a brand called “everyone Ünited,” offering a range of accessories and handmade bows made from various materials. What sets Andreu apart is his ability to see through the beauty in every soul, embracing the individuality of each person and celebrating their uniqueness.

Tell us a few words about yourself

I’m an American who fell head over heels for Greece when I first visited in 2012, during the economic crisis. Acting has been my profession since the age of 13, starring in TV commercials back in the US. Pursuing my passion for fashion, I earned a BFA degree in Acting, Dance, and Costume Design from the University of North Carolina School of  Arts. In 2017, I took a leap of faith and moved to Greece to establish my own fashion label, Everyone United

Can you share your experience working with clients from different cultural backgrounds? How do you approach their unique style preferences?

Working with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds has been an incredible journey of discovery. One thing I’ve noticed is that compared to the US, clients here often have unrealistic expectations and tend to rush things at the last minute. However, I firmly believe that creating a strong image requires thoughtful consideration. So, I approach each client’s unique style preferences by taking the time to truly understand their individuality and create personalized looks that reflect their personality and cultural influences.

Do you like incorporating Greek elements into your styling?

Absolutely! Greek elements are the heart and soul of my styling. From clothing to jewelry and shoes, I source everything from talented Athenian designers and companies. There is an abundance of hidden fashion talent in Athens that deserves recognition, and I am deeply passionate about showcasing their work and celebrating Greek fashion.

How do you stay updated with the latest international trends while still honoring and respecting the diverse styles of your clients?

Trends can be a double-edged sword. While they can be tempting, I believe they often limit stylistic expression. My focus is on liberating people from their narrow view of fashion. I strive to uncover each individual’s unique character and style, and while there may be some overlap with trends, they are not my primary focus. My goal is to create looks that honor and respect the diverse styles of my clients while staying true to their individuality.

How would you describe your style in 5 words?

Fun, Adventurous, Bold, Unique, Unbothered.

How would you describe the fashion identity of Athens? What would you like to see in the near future in terms of bolder approaches?

The fashion identity of Athens can be best described as “Neon Classic.” It’s a fusion of vibrant contemporary fashion with a nod to the city’s rich historical and cultural heritage. Looking ahead, I yearn for bolder fashion approaches, especially from men. It’s time to break free from the confines of sweatpants and hoodies, and embrace new silhouettes and styles that propel us into the 21st century.

What makes you feel “home away from home”?

“Home away from home” is a feeling that stems from total acceptance of oneself and one’s current life situation. It’s about finding a sense of belonging and comfort, no matter where you are. For me, it starts with embracing who I am and being surrounded by people who accept and support me.

Through his work, Andreu  aims to break free from trends and embrace the individuality of his clients. With a vision of a “Neon Classic” fashion identity for Athens, he hopes to inspire bolder approaches to fashion, especially among men. For him, feeling at “home away from home” is all about acceptance and finding a sense of belonging wherever life takes him.

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