17 July 2024
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Pride or incontestable human rights? 

June is a month dedicated to pride and the LGBTQ+ community. It is indeed a month when we try to make people aware of the rights that have been deprived of the community and we celebrate differences, equality, all kinds of sexual or body choices and of course, equal human rights. 

As a teacher, I have always strived to make my classrooms friendly, colorful and welcoming for all people no matter their origin, beliefs, opinions and sexual orientation… I am always open to any discussions that might arise and I am always eager to talk about things and issues that teenagers keep hidden in dark places inside their minds.

Unfortunately, even though the world is progressing in a quite rapid manner, more and more people follow far far-right beliefs and that unfortunately has been shown in the recent Euro elections all over the world. Many people believe that being gay is unacceptable or something to be blamed for, and there are still many parents who would prefer their kids to be anything but gay.

Since our society and our community as a whole do not pay the necessary attention to such tendencies we have the responsibility to do so, as educators and as role models. 

 I strongly believe that it is our duty to create more tolerant communities where the right is right and what is acceptable should be named and not disguised.

Equality should be celebrated, no matter how it is expressed or called. More often than I would have liked, I have been asked the question of why Pride should be celebrated and why not celebrate ‘Straight Month’ and my answer always remains the same: Every month is “Straight month” as straight people do not have to explain themselves for their sexuality or ask for a right that should have long been recognized for them . It is only sad that even in 2024, the LGBTQ+ rights are not standardized and commonly acceptable and many people are not even aware of what the demands of the LGBTQ+ community are.

The problem is located on the fact that we separate or even segregate the LGBTQ+ community from the whole and that’s where the problem starts. Separating a certain community, a group or a person automatically creates problems. Problems in the attitude towards them or even problems and need for clarification of certain community rules or even human rights and that’s why the need for equality has never been higher.

For me, it is unacceptable to think that an LGBTQ+ couple cannot be properly wedded and adopt a kid when there are thousands of abandoned babies and toddlers all over Greece and that any ol’ couple who has the ability to give birth to a baby can do so irrespectively. 

And let’s not forget the viral TikTok video Man versus Bear, which shows the deep-rooted fear of masculinity and patriarchy that has been so deeply embedded in the tissue of society that is slowly manifested through such videos and such questions. 

Finally, in my opinion as a teacher, I would say that our main problem as a society is that we are fearful of femininity due to all the conservative ideas of the society we are bound to live in. June is a month that needs to be celebrated and I hope every month can be both straight month and pride month and that we educate kids that equality should be celebrated and not differences as we should treat every single person on this planet equally and with the same respect. Human rights need to be the same for everybody and until this happens Pride is more than a necessity especially since “One law is not enough” as this year’s motto of Athens Pride states. 

And as for parents, I think we should all pay more attention to the kids, to the future generation we are raising, because it’s way more important to raise respectful human beings proud of whatever they choose to be without caring about others’ life choices without being judgemental and teach them to reckon them as a natural process of the human brain and body and not as an impediment. 

Last but not least, as long as LGBTQ+ rights are not considered basic human rights for all, Pride month is imperative and using a Coldplay quote that I absolutely adore “Everyone is an alien somewhere”, let’s feel less alienated together. 

Isn’t it the same with the expat community in Greece who have long been considered aliens in this country? 

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