23 July 2024

The Mysteries and Marvels of Lake Vouliagmeni: A Unique Landmark in Athens

Impressive rocks, imposing landscape, emerald waters, and some frightening stories from the past. These are the elements that make up a unique landmark in the southern suburbs, Lake Vouliagmeni.

It is true that people who tried to explore the depths of Lake Vouliagmeni never resurfaced. However, the cause of their death was not the ghosts (or nymphs) that the older residents of the area talk about, but the inexperience of the aspiring divers, combined with the dangers that such an endeavor inherently carries. According to the existing legend, the nymphs living in the cave of the lake are the ones who “pull” the new young men who try to explore it into its waters. The cave of the lake has not been fully mapped yet. Its underwater passages – of which no one knows the exact length – remain a huge challenge for experienced cave divers. The cave was even the subject of the first episode of the documentary Underwonder.

Possibly connected to the cave is the “haunted” well, the Devil’s Well, located at another point in the area, in Limanakia of Vouliagmeni (specifically in the second cove). At least four people, three Americans and one Greek, have also lost their lives there in their attempt to explore an underwater tunnel – unmapped in its entirety – that cave explorers claim reaches Lake Vouliagmeni. And now let’s leave behind the imagination, the unpleasant events, and the rumors and move on to the subject at hand. At Lake Vouliagmeni, you can swim, as it is the only lake in Athens that allows it, and you will meet grandmothers who will have to tell you all sorts of strange stories and the best about its healing waters. And they will be right: Lake Vouliagmeni is among the recognized healing sources in Greece. 

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