23 July 2024

The most beautiful seaside chapels in the southern suburbs

For you who dream of a romantic wedding by the sea, or for you who are simply looking for a picturesque spot to wander, we have found the most beautiful seaside chapels in the southern suburbs (and a little further east).

In the southern suburbs, there are numerous chapels to explore (check out the list of the most beautiful ones we have found here). All it takes is a sense of curiosity and discovery. Yet, in our view, it is the small chapels situated by or even on the sea that truly captivate, whether due to their scenic locations, idyllic landscapes, or their Cycladic color schemes. Here, we have compiled and are delighted to present to you the most beautiful and picturesque seaside chapels stretching from Piraeus to Sounio.

Panagia Kataklyftiotissa, Palea Fokea

The azure waters blending with the white and blue chapel form a Cycladic landscape that transports you on a journey. The Panagia Kataklyftiotissa in Palea Fokea is unquestionably one of the most beautiful seaside chapels in Attica, not solely due to its stunning location. Upon stepping inside, you will be pleasantly surprised as traditional icons on the walls are replaced by forms evoking the sensation of wind, skillfully painted by the renowned artist Dimitris Mytaras.

Agios Petros, Sounio

On one side, the Temple of Poseidon, and on the other, the emerald waters of Sounio. Wherever you look, when you find yourself on the rock on which the chapel of Agios Petros in Sounio is built, you will see something that will impress you and make you not know where to turn your gaze first. Below the chapel, there is also the homonymous beach where it is worth taking a dip in the calm and crystal clear waters, either before or after your visit to the chapel. In its exterior, it has a small colorful garden, which is another reason why many choose it for weddings or baptisms.

Agios Nikolaos, Vouliagmeni

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