24 July 2024

Asteria Beach: New images from the retro beach and the restaurant Bungalow 7

The Asteria Beach  is being reborn and adorned with vintage umbrellas and comfortable sun loungers, giving a sense of another era: new images from the beach with retro aesthetics and the all-day restaurant.

The Asteria Beach is being reborn and claims the title of the most summery retro destination on the Athenian Riviera with decoration and aesthetics that transport us to a Hollywood era of the ’50s and ’60s.

With its cinematic charm, it has been the top summer destination of the city for many decades and hopes to bring us some of the carefreeness of past decades with its beauty and relaxed atmosphere. The Asteria Beach is emerging again as a top destination and is now adorned with vintage umbrellas and comfortable sun loungers, combining the feeling of another era with modern comforts, where one can enjoy a swim and feel like they are on vacation, just a breath away from the city center.

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