23 July 2024
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Exploring Eco Projects in Greece: Tonia Zilianaiou’s Guide to Sustainable Living

Tonia Zilinaiou Presents Greek Eco-Projects

Tonia Zilinaiou, a Nutrition Consultant, Managing Director of The Finest Form, and Hostess at Impact Hub Athens, is a passionate advocate for sustainable living and environmental stewardship. Her diverse background and extensive expertise in nutrition and wellness coaching enrich her perspective on eco projects in Greece. Tonia’s commitment to promoting sustainable initiatives underscores her dedication to exploring diverse and innovative projects that contribute to a more eco-friendly future.

As an advocate for sustainable living, she believes in the transformative power of eco projects to shape a more harmonious relationship between humanity and our environment. Here is what she has to share about the urgent need for climate action and the inspiring eco communities in Greece:

The Urgency of Climate Action

Communities around the world engage in simulations of how humanity can transition in a post-climate change era. Through documentaries and scientific articles, the profound impacts of failing to harmonize with our environment are vividly portrayed. We confront a climate crisis that demands urgent action. Supporters of ecology are taking the lead in a globalized effort to preserve our planet. The phrase “there is no plan B” resonates widely, underscoring the imperative for a sustainable and respectful lifestyle that honors our planet, our Mother Earth.

Exploring Eco-Projects in Greece

Consider our current urban existence—a crowded, noisy setting that often leaves us feeling anxious amidst visible pollution. Yet, amidst this chaos, we’ve experienced moments of peace and joy in nature’s embrace: calm waters, serene forests, and starlit skies far from the city’s bright lights. These experiences inspire us to seek like-minded individuals who have transitioned away from city life, reconnecting with nature. Discovering visitor-friendly eco-projects offers an opportunity to learn and live closer to nature within communities that champion sustainable living without exploitation.

Featured Eco Communities for Eco-Conscious Travelers

In Greece, diverse eco-projects are aligned with sustainability goals, notably the 15th Sustainable Development Goal: Life on Land. This goal emphasizes the crucial role of forests, covering 30.7 percent of the Earth’s surface, in combating climate change, protecting biodiversity, and supporting indigenous habitats. Despite efforts to protect forests, thirteen million hectares are lost annually, exacerbating desertification on a massive scale. Deforestation and desertification pose significant challenges to sustainable development, affecting millions in the fight against poverty.

Efforts to combat these challenges include international agreements promoting equitable resource use and financial investments in biodiversity conservation. Greece hosts numerous eco projects, from agroforestry to regenerative agriculture, situated in the mountains, islands, and coastal regions, reflecting a commitment to land stewardship and sustainability. Amidst Greece’s array of eco projects which are inviting visitors and/or volunteers and are also open to children, I’d like to highlight two noteworthy endeavors: COB Farm and Joyce’n’ Fun.

COB Farm

Situated in Nessonas, Thessaly, COB Farm specializes in natural building and bioclimatic architecture, focusing on practices that conserve natural resources and energy. Natural building involves using locally-sourced, renewable, or recycled materials, along with simple techniques, to construct eco-friendly homes. This approach minimizes environmental and economic costs by reducing the need for transportation and industrial processing.

Materials like earth, straw, and wood are abundant and non-toxic, offering sustainable alternatives to conventional building materials. Unlike industrial ecological materials, natural materials require minimal processing and do not contribute to pollution or resource depletion. With concerns about environmental degradation and toxins in conventional construction, natural building offers a healthier and more sustainable option.

In addition to natural building, COB Farm addresses various sustainability issues, including energy conservation, food production, and reducing ecological footprints. Through their holistic approach, they aim to promote practices that are lighter on the planet and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future.

Managed by Athanasios Tsiatsis, athanastsiatsis@gmail.com, and Panagiota Kontomanou, loukontom@gmail.com, COB welcomes visitors from February to November. This eco-friendly haven offers workshops, volunteering opportunities, and hosting experiences, encouraging visitors to contribute either monetarily or through work exchange. Depending on the setup, guests may participate in various activities, contributing either financially or with their skills. Learn more about COB Farm’s philosophy of building with earth on their website, cob.gr, or connect with them on social media via Facebook, Cob-Building with Earth, and Instagram, cob_gr.

Cob Building Workshop in Nessonas

Joyce ‘n’ Fun

Situated in a paradisiacal forest on the island of Skiathos, Joyce ‘n’ Fun is an eco-centered Learning and Leisure hub. Under the guidance of Communication Manager Ilektra, Joyce ‘n’ Fun is open year-round to guests seeking a unique experience. Its vibrant community includes diverse travelers from across the globe, worldschooling families, and nature enthusiasts of all ages immersed in nature’s playground. At Joyce ‘n’ Fun, guests are encouraged to embrace their individuality within a supportive community that celebrates all forms of diversity. Accommodation options range from vans, caravans, and tents to a cozy house during colder months. While guests enjoy freedom and autonomy to pursue their interests, Joyce ‘n’ Fun emphasizes collaboration and collective responsibility through daily meetings where plans are discussed and tasks are shared among guests. Learn more about this engaging community on their website www.joycenfun.gr or connect with them via social media on Facebook, Joyce ‘n’ Fun, Instagram, joycenfun, or through the WorkAway platform.

I invite you to explore these and other eco-friendly initiatives in Greece, showcasing the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. For more information on these projects or to delve deeper into sustainable living, please reach out via zilantonia@gmail.com. Let’s embrace a sustainable transition together!

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