16 July 2024

The stone village of Mani that prohibits shops and looks like it was born from the sea

In eastern Mani, just five kilometers from Areopoli, lies a unique, seaside village that serves as the epitome of its area, and its name could not be anything other than the reality of it.

Limeni… that is, the port that essentially serves the wider area…

However, its natural beauty and quaintness make it one of the most beautiful and traditional settlements in all of Mani.

Its history is closely linked to the Mavromichalis family. The mansion of the last leader (bey) of Mani, Petrobey, with the four-story tower with arched openings where the discussions and preparations for the uprising of the Greeks in 1821 took place, dominates impressively in Limeni, bearing witness to its former glory for those who know, while it asserts its current status to all those who look at it as it stands out with its beauty and uniqueness.

The traditional stone architecture of the village, a continuation of the strictness but also the simplicity of the geometric buildings of all of Mani, testifies to the introverted character of an important culture that flourished many years ago, while the combination with the watery element that surrounds it creates a stone scenery that is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

The majority of the village is rocky both outside and inside the water that harmoniously embraces it and colors it with the exclusive palette of its blue-green dream.

The clarity of the sea is such that from above one can distinguish the natural continuation of the rocks in the watery element, while at the same time it challenges you in its way to find yourself even for a while in its cool embrace and taste its salty flavor on your lips.

In Limeni, there are no shops or services as the authorities want to keep the picturesque character of the settlement alive and unchanged, and believe us… they have succeeded!!”

source: https://www.thebest.gr/article/748861-to-petrino-chorio-tis-manis-pou-apagoreuei-ta-katastimata-kai-moiazei-san-na-to-gennise-i-thalassa-foto-binteo

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