17 July 2024
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Exploring the First Cat Café in the City: A New Concept with a Heartwarming Touch

Nestled in a quiet alley in the area near Thiseio, bordering Petralona, there is a place that easily escapes the casual observer’s eye. The only distinguishing feature from the outside is the vibrant turquoise door, standing out against the urban landscape. However, once you step through this door, you will find yourself in a feline paradise that you won’t want to leave.

This hidden gem is a sanctuary for both cats and cat lovers alike, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. As you enter, you are greeted by a world filled with whiskers and purrs, where time seems to stand still. The cozy atmosphere and the gentle presence of the cats create a sense of serenity and joy that is truly captivating.

Not long ago, Athenians were introduced to a delightful world by Natali and Dimitris, the duo behind the newest and most endearing establishment in the city. This is the first cat café in Athens, where we arranged to meet one sunny morning – one of those bright mornings that the autumn season has accustomed us to – to get to know the adorable feline residents that call this place home.

“Cats speak only to those who know how to listen.”

Sigmund Freud

Natali and Dimitris, with their passion for animals and their dream of creating a space that combines coffee culture with feline companionship, have brought a touch of magic to the city. The cat café they have opened is not just a place to grab a cup of coffee; it is a haven where people can unwind, connect with cats, and experience moments of joy and tranquility.

Meet the owners

As we approached the door, we were eagerly greeted by Pablo, the charismatic (albeit a bit loud) protagonist and mascot of the café, along with Jordan, the true heart and soul of the establishment. Pablo wasted no time in welcoming us with his exuberant energy, while Daphne, the mischievous little one as Natali fondly calls her, added her own playful charm to the mix. Just to clarify, all three of them are cats.

Upon entering the foyer, a sign reminded us (yes, it’s mandatory) to wash our hands and familiarize ourselves with the rules to be followed. After adhering to the necessary protocols, we proceeded inside, where we were greeted by a beautiful and cozy space adorned with tables and chairs, inviting us to relax in the company of friends. The walls were adorned with fun paintings featuring, of course, the stars of the show… cats!

To the right, the picturesque courtyard immediately caught our eye, and we hurried to find a spot next to the cats that had already settled on the cushions. Some cats were lounging among the pillows, while others roamed between the tables or played with scattered cat toys. A few were peacefully napping. Among the latter group were Selene, the quiet one of the bunch, and Phoebus, the lively prince (another nickname given by Natali), who had just been adopted.

The scene in the courtyard was a delightful mix of relaxation and playfulness, with each cat exuding its unique personality and charm. Selene, with her serene demeanor, seemed to bring a sense of calm to the group, while Phoebus, the spirited prince, added a touch of energy and liveliness to the atmosphere. It was heartwarming to see the cats interact with each other and with the visitors, creating a sense of camaraderie and joy that filled the space. Read more here https://www.noupou.gr/en/food-drink/exploring-the-first-cat-cafe-in-the-city-a-new-concept-with-a-heartwarming-touch/

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