17 July 2024

Kids & Cars Event for Children-Drivers from 5 to 9 Years Old at the Traffic Education Park in Glyfada

The Municipality of Glyfada is organizing the Kids & Cars event, where children and their cars take center stage. It is a “non-competitive” skills demonstration for children-drivers aged 5 to 9 with electric cars provided by the organization.

At the Glyfada Traffic Education Park, Nikos Mastorakis, who historically organized the first Baby Rally in our country (with Aliki Vougiouklaki as the committee president), showcases dozens of young drivers behind the wheel of an electric car in a specially designed (and safe!) agility course that offers adventure, laughter, and joy: From slaloms between colorful cones to reverse parking in a transparent tunnel, to invisible (but not real) “holes” in the asphalt and the spectacular ramp-seesaw, young drivers will experience adventure in 4 minutes.

playtime is happiness time

The young participants of Kids & Cars will be selected by lottery, with a total of 20 chosen by the organization based on their performance, as judged from the videos submitted along with the participation form by the parents.

While the spectacle of children and cars is unique, the event will not be open to spectators because the park does not have suitable space, so the young “Fernando Alonsos” will be applauded only by their parents (and everyone else from MME and Social Media).

Nikos Mastorakis, the creator and organizer of Kids & Cars, stated: “Two strong, unique loves of mine, children and cars, come together entertainingly and educationally at the 2024 Kids & Cars event, which I hope will become an annual tradition. While children seemingly learn from us, in reality, we have much to learn from our children when they drive and behave better than us behind the wheel. Familiarizing children with electric cars is another key motivator in creating the event because I believe that when these children obtain their first official driver’s license, they will only find fuel engines in… museums! It is our pleasure to have DEH Blue present at the event, educating children on electric vehicle topics. It is also fortunate for us to be hosted by the Glyfada Municipality and its wonderful park.”

Traffic education parks aim to educate and inform children about traffic rules and basic road safety principles. Thus, from a young age, children learn in an educational, experiential, and above all, fun way, how to behave behind the wheel.

In the southern suburbs, there are four traffic education parks in Helioupolis, Agios Dimitrios, Alimos, and Glyfada, with the latter being perhaps the most impressive. It started operating in May 2023 and occupies an entire city block on Epimenonda, Hephaestus, Dimela, and Poseidonos streets.

More info: https://www.noupou.gr/en/newsroom-2/kids-cars-event-for-children-drivers-from-5-to-9-years-old-at-the-traffic-education-park-in-glyfada/

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