17 July 2024
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Pilar Tena: Navigating Family Dynamics Through Stories, Book Presentation in Athens

Pilar Tena, the director of the Cervantes Institute in Greece, is gearing up to present her latest book, “The Arithmetic of the Family,” at an upcoming event in Athens. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, June 19, at 19:00 at Gustav Athens, Charilaou Trikoupi 6-10, Athina 10679.

Translated into Greek from the original work “Aritmética familiar” (Tres hermanas, 2022), the collection of short stories has been skillfully translated by Tina Terzioti and published by Néstoras Poulakos of Vakxikon Publishers under the title “Η αριθμητική της οικογένειας” (Vakxikon, March 2024).

In a recent interview to Aggeliki Dimopoulou, Pilar Tena shared insights into her work and the inspiration behind her stories, shedding light on the essence of her book:

Connecting with Greek Readers: Tena expressed her excitement and honor in sharing her stories with the Greek audience, believing that the emotions and themes within her tales will resonate deeply with readers in Greece.

The Essence of Family: Through the title “The Arithmetic of the Family,” Tena delves into the intricate dynamics and profound impact of family relationships, exploring how families shape individuals and leave enduring imprints on their lives.

Inspiration and Imagination: While drawing from personal experiences, Tena blends reality with imagination in her narratives, offering a unique perspective on familial bonds and personal growth.

Crafting a Compelling Narrative: Tena values the creative freedom that short stories offer, allowing her characters to guide the narrative and evolve organically, capturing the essence of human experiences.

Writing Amid Adversity: Tena revealed that she wrote these stories during the COVID-19 pandemic, reflecting on her family history and relationships during moments of solitude. The collection serves as a heartfelt tribute to her loved ones and the interconnectedness of generations.

Personal Reflection and Introspection: Through “The Arithmetic of the Family,” Tena embarks on a journey of self-discovery and understanding, delving into her identity and connections with family members past and present.

The book presentation event, organized by Vakxikon Publishers at Gustav Athens, promises to be a celebration of storytelling and shared experiences within the realm of family dynamics. Attendees can look forward to immersing themselves in the world of “The Arithmetic of the Family” alongside Pilar Tena, Tina Terzioti, and Dolores Payás, engaging with the author and fellow book enthusiasts in a heartfelt exploration of family ties and personal growth.The presentation will be held in Spanish and Greek.

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