17 July 2024
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Tips for Choosing a School Program in a New Country

Deciding whether to enroll your children in a local school or an international school while living overseas can be a challenging task. Here are some guidelines to consider when looking for a school program in a foreign country.

When relocating to a new country, one of the most crucial tasks for expat parents is finding the right school for their children. Some families opt for local schools, while others prefer international schools. The decision can be complex and have long-term implications. So, how can you ensure you make the best choice?

Begin by researching potential schools in the area. While you can gather information about the schools online, it is essential to speak with other parents who have chosen a particular school and get their feedback.

Once you have a list of potential schools, reach out to them directly for more detailed information. It is advisable to visit the schools in person before making a final decision. Inquire about how the school supports multilingual children and families who do not speak the local language at home.

Consider the social environment, curriculum, qualifications offered, and the level of parental involvement encouraged by the school. If your child plans to pursue higher education in the future, find out how attending a specific school will impact those plans.

Local schools are often a good choice for young children as they help them learn the local language and adapt to the culture quickly. However, for older children, an international school may be more suitable due to the challenges of learning a new language and fitting in socially.

If finding a school abroad is not feasible, homeschooling could be an alternative. Many parents find homeschooling to be a rewarding experience, although it requires a significant commitment of time and effort.

Ultimately, the best school program for your child while living abroad is one that aligns with their needs and best interests. By thoroughly researching your options and considering what will benefit your child the most, you can make an informed decision that will set them up for success in their new environment.

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