23 July 2024
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Simos Georgopoulos: Where a food critic eats (inexpensively) in the south

Simos Georgopoulos is a wine and taste critic who collaborates with the most important Greek magazines and newspapers, author of wine guides, judge in top international competitions, Wine & Food Consultant, and founder of the eponymous blog (simosgeorgopoulosblog.wordpress.com) through which he shares his passion for wine, spirits, taste, and coffee with his readers, while also providing recommendations for standout restaurants. Simos Georgopoulos is a true connoisseur, with a rich background, that gives you the assurance that his suggestions are tried and true.

He is also a resident of the southern suburbs and as one can discern from reading the texts on his personal blog, he has a special love for the authentic and accessible side of gastronomy. Therefore, we asked him to share his opinion on gastronomy in the southern suburbs, as well as his recommendations for good and low-budget restaurants in the area.

“Interestingly, the southern suburbs do not possess the gastronomic wealth of other areas in Attica. Essentially, high gastronomy is mainly represented by good restaurants within luxury hotels, while any efforts that have been made either have not survived, have changed direction, or have downgraded the quality compared to the initial promises they had made. Even in areas where theoretically residents have a culinary culture, one rarely encounters anything beyond souvlaki joints, and indicative is the fact that in the heavily populated by Constantinopolitans Palaio Faliro, there is not a single Constantinopolitan restaurant! However, with a little searching, one can eat well and economically in places like the following,” he explains.

We let him introduce them to us in his own words:

Palia Fava, Palaio Faliro

The taverna in Palaio Faliro could be your home and Dina Charisi your mother, as Palia Fava combines warmth and uniquely comforting food. Here you won’t find elaborate textures and… sushi, but a sweet-toothed deliciousness and ingredients of much better quality than the average in the category. Moreover, all these are offered in quantities and prices that are enough to make you sell your home kitchen and never cook again!

Palia Fava. Achaeon 38, Palaio Faliro | Tel. 210 9311994

Pezoulas, Tzitzifies

The historic family fish tavern in Tzitzifies has been transformed with the takeover of the reins by Panagiotis Pezoulas. Only stylistically, of course, as the quality and culinary wisdom remain unchanged over time. Despite its “humble” appearance and price (always considering it is a fish eatery), Pezoulas’ dishes are anything but humble, characterized by an airy sensation, perfect balances, and a modern touch of Michelin-level quality.

Pezoulas. Peisistratou 11, Tzitzifies | Tel. 210 9422684

Giouvetsakia, Ano Glyfada

Many may criticize Haris Jitzis’ idiosyncratic character, but no one questions his obsession with top-quality ingredients, which he collects after daily wanderings in many markets of the southern suburbs. Add here the wonderful culinary signature of Eva Pasanikolaki, and you will find yourself in a tavern – or a bio-restaurant as they call it themselves – one of the most gastronomically “pure” in Athens.

read the rest of the article here https://www.noupou.gr/en/food-drink/simos-georgopoulos-where-a-food-critic-eats-inexpensively-in-the-south-simos-georgopoulos-is-a-well-known-food-critic-in-greece-and-if-he-recommends-a-place-to-eat-inexpensively-in-the-southern-s/

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